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Thanks for visiting God's News in The News featuring Dave Sisti and brought to you by Dave Sisti. Our prayer is that we can provide you with Biblical and truth-based concepts as God directs. Watch this video to see a welcome message from Dave Sisti describing the sites content and an overview of the content you'll discover within our studies.

Welcome to God's News In The News

We want you to be able to see what God sees and what he sees in the affairs of man right now.
We want you to get God's News in The News and get a Biblical perspective.


What Is Their Role Today?

What does The Bible have to say about Angels or messages from Angels?


It Starts in The Heart

What does biblical revival look like? Is it happening now? When will it happen?


A Biblical Sign of What?

What does the blood red moon mean? Is there biblical significance?


A Life Well Lived

What does The Bible have to say about Christian Living?


Recorded Discussions

Watch some of our recent video interviews?


Past, Current and Future

Prophecy in the Bible and in current events.


What is this all about?

Do prophets predict or do the foresee? Where does this wisdom come from and what can you trust?

Where, Why, for Whom and When

What is the purpose of Hell? Is it Real, who created it and why.